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Why Humor Matters When Hiring For Your Team

No matter how much experience you have, interviewing potential new hires is hard. Assessing a baseline level of skill or intelligence isn’t that tough, it’s determining the intangible “cultural fit” aspect that is so difficult. After all, how well can you really get to know someone when they’re on their best behavior, and you’re conducting an interview?
There are, of course, countless strategies and clever questions that you can employ to try and get a feel for the true nature of the person you’re interviewing, but I’ve never had much luck with them. Instead, I’ve learned to look for a single trait that tells me whether or not a person is going to be a good fit: a sense of humor.
Humor may seem like a strange thing to look for when hiring, but I’ve found that it is an excellent indicator of a person’s intelligence, confidence, and overall temperament.  Over the years, it has been the people who can laugh and learn who have succeeded at BodeTree.
Humor requires intelligence and self-awareness
I’ve always thought that there is something somewhat melancholy about funny people. It is almost as though you have to possess the ability to see the world as it is, tragic flaws and all, in order to make light of it. It is that behind-the-scenes process that interests me and gives me a glimpse into the mind of a potential team member.
After all, it is the lethal combination of intelligence and self-awareness that I’m looking when hiring. People who can quickly digest a situation and simultaneously reflect on their thoughts, beliefs, and actions are invaluable inside of organizations. Humor, particularly self-deprecating humor, is a telltale sign that a person possesses the skills I’m looking to cultivate.